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Car slams into gas pump of an off duty cop; watch incredible inferno rescue!

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Imagine a car slamming into the pump next to you and catching fire as you are filling your tank with gas.

John Vescio, a New York State Trooper, was off duty but his instincts kicked in quickly. After assessing his own injuries caused by the falling pump, he ran to the inferno and pulled the 69-year-old driver out of the burning vehicle. The man was unconscious and possibly suffering from a diabetic episode, according to NBC New York..

“I got the door open but I could see the actual compartment was compressed,” Vescio told reporters. “His legs were tucked under the seat and his seat belt was on, he was pretty much helpless.”

Video surveillance shows Vescio was a true hero, moving quickly and instructing others to get to safety. He scurried to get the firearms and ammunition from the trunk of his damaged car, along with the first aid kit, according to reports.

Watch the incredible video from NBC New York:

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