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20 students taken to hospital after 6-year-old brings heroin to school; mother arrested

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A six-year-old first-grader brought eleven packets of heroin to school on Tuesday and then she and twenty classmates were taken to a hospital to be checked for possible exposure.

The incident occurred at John Barry Elementary School in Philadelphia CBS3 reported, when the teacher spotted one of the kids playing with a small bag, and police were called. A schoolbus took all the youngsters to Children’s Hospital where they were subsequently released, but many parents were visibly shaken.

“Apparently she was playing with the packet and showing it off,” said one parent, Kristina Perry,” who learned from Lt. John Walker that one of the packets had been bitten into.

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“I was afraid,” added another parent, Danitra Salley. “My child is just 7-years-old. He shouldn’t be exposed to something like that. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It should never have been in the home.”

Narcotics investigators went to the home and discovered that the unwitting child indeed had found the heroin there.  Christopher Troy-Jenkins White, 28,  and 32-year-old Marie Hunter were charged with endangerment and narcotics possession, according to reports.

While some parents were disturbed by the length of time it took the school to contact them, district spokesman Fernando Gallard said protocols were followed and that the students’ safety was the foremost priority. The classroom was searched and no other narcotics were found in the school.

Click here to view the CBS3 video.


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