Hagel gets testy when confronted by Congress on why Bergdahl isn’t back in US: ‘I don’t like the implication’

U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., got into a testy exchange with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel over why Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has still not returned to the United States. […]

Reports show Cantor campaign spent more at one steakhouse than Brat did on whole campaign

Data released by the Federal Elections Commission revealed that Rep. Eric Cantor spent more money at D.C.’s posh Bobby Van’s Grill and Steakhouse than underdog opponent Dave […]

Car slams into gas pump of an off duty cop; watch incredible inferno rescue!

Imagine a car slamming into the pump next to you and catching fire as you are filling your tank with gas. John Vescio, a New York State Trooper, […]

Video of terrified swimmer fighting off great white shark
Video of terrified swimmer fighting off great white shark

Swimming in Australia is scary. There’s an awful lot of sharks down under.

hillary clinton
‘One Broke Girl’: Mad Magazine presents Hillary’s ridiculous new sitcom

Following up on last week’s brilliant spoof of President Barack Obama, MAD Magazine turned it’s satirical talents on likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton this week. Giving Flo, […]

Cain hill
Herman Cain’s classic response to Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ claim

The staff at the Washington Free Beacon make us chuckle every so often. Someone found Herman Cain’s answer to Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ claim entertaining and posted a […]

Matthews snap
MSNBC Chris Matthews’ new low on Benghazi

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has said some pretty pathetic things in his tenure with the most untrusted news network on television. The bombastic host tends to go into […]

20 students taken to hospital after 6-year-old brings heroin to school; mother arrested

A six-year-old first-grader brought eleven packets of heroin to school on Tuesday and then she and twenty classmates were taken to a hospital to be checked for […]

Robert Thompson
Popular Florida eatery tells vet ‘his kind’ not welcome; backlash follows

An eatery in South Florida bit off more than it could chew when a veteran was told “his kind” was not welcome. Robert Thompson, a 20-year Navy […]

Virginia police officer bullies, assaults man with camera
Virginia police officer bullies, assaults man with camera

I hope the day comes when I don’t have videos like this to post. Recording video in public is not a crime. When will public servants of […]

Bacon, my ass! I’m outta here
Bacon, my ass! I’m outta here

The truck in this video was on the way to the slaughterhouse. A very lucky pig. Washing machine has nervous breakdown, blows apart Video of angry guy […]

Ted Cruz: Obama’s election year pandering responsible for sexual slavery, death of immigrant kids

For U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the numbers tell the story. During Senate questioning of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Wednesday about the flood of […]