Mayor apologizes for throwing dog poop on walkway, but neighbor says it’s not enough

Photo Credit: Phillipe Lao

A mayor in Southern California found himself in deep doo doo after he was caught on a home security camera throwing dog feces on his neighbors walkway.

San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier was captured on video throwing a bag of dog poop onto property belonging to Philip Lao, which prominently displays “no poop zone” signs.

Hizzoner does not own a dog, and claims he stumbled upon the sack of poop, according to KTLA 5.

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“A moment of not thinking, of bad judgment, instead of me carrying it all the way home or having just left it there in the first place,” Kneier wrote in an apology to Lao. “That’s not my nature just to walk by trash and not pick it up, cause I always do.”

Lao said the poop toss was in response to his opposition to a proposal by the mayor to construct a dog park, and is not satisfied with the apology.

“He thinks that he can just smooth things over,” Lao told KTLA. “He thinks that he can have the police drop it, but I will pursue it. I’m in touch with a lawyer, and we’re thinking of pursuing harassment.”

Apparently, the good folks in the affluent city have plenty of free time on their hands.

Tom Tillison


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