Eric Cantor loses Virginia primary; Ann Coulter knows why

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Six-term congressman Eric Cantor lost his Virginia primary to tea party-backed economics professor Dave Brat Tuesday and the upset has caused shockwaves across the country. In the final tally, Brat won 56 percent of the vote, compared to 44 percent for Cantor, Fox reported.

Cantor was a tea party favorite and considered next in line for John Boehner’s position as House Speaker just a few years ago. He is very conservative on almost every issue except one, but that was all it took, said conservative author Ann Coulter.

Coulter was part of a growing group of high-profile supporters, like Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, who made amnesty a central issue in the race and got behind newcomer Brat.

Let this be a warning to the GOP, Coulter told Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night’s “The Kelly File”: It’s not only that Brat was tea party, it’s that he doesn’t support amnesty. Republicans need to put their foot down and realize that opposing amnesty is not a losing issue in 2016.

So, how important will the subject of immigration be in the upcoming election cycle? Listen to Coulter in this Fox News clip:

Coulter wrote an op-ed in April endorsing Brat and encouraging a purge of any GOP lawmaker or candidate that supports amnesty. Part of her column read:

With amnestied illegal aliens allowed to bring in their cousins and brothers-in-law under our insane “family reunification” policies, the 12 million illegal immigrants already here will quickly balloon to 30 million new voters — who happen to break 8-to-2 for the Democrats.

Consequently, before running off and staging a primary fight against a sitting Republican, anyone who truly loved his country would ask himself the following three questions:

(1) Does the incumbent Republican support amnesty? And by the way, “Supports amnesty” includes anyone who says one of the following:

— “We already have de facto amnesty”

— “What are you going to do — round up 12 million illegals?”

— “They’re doing jobs American just won’t do,” or

— “Our housekeeper, Lupe, is like family.”


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