Cantor announces future plans with ‘great humility’

Recently unseated U. S. Rep. Eric Cantor announced Wednesday that he will relinquish his House majority leader post on July 31, but he will continue to serve the remainder of his term through the end of the year.

Cantor, who was upset by little-known newcomer Dave Brat in Tuesday’s Virginia GOP primary, said despite the personal setback, he “couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of this country.”

Praising his colleagues, staffers and constituents, Cantor said there is still much work to be done in promoting party unity.

“While I will not be on the ballot in November,” he said, “I will be a champion for conservatives across the nation who are dedicated to preserving liberty and providing opportunity.”

Republican leadership elections are set for June 19. Cantor offered his “full support” behind House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy as his replacement, saying “he’d make an outstanding majority leader,” though it is unknown if McCarthy is planning to run for the post.

Watch Cantor’s announcement here via Fox News:



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