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Cantor election night headquarters explodes in chaos as protesters charge in

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Photo Credit Steve Helber/AP

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Moments after a stunned U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., conceded defeat in Tuesday’s Republican primary, the somber atmosphere at his election night headquarters suddenly exploded in a rush of chaos.

In a bold upset, Cantor lost his reelection bid to tea party-backed Dave Brat, who made a strong case that the House Majority Leader backed immigration reform, which would include amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in the country.

And right on cue, no sooner than Cantor had exited the ballroom, raucous immigration reform protestors charged in, according to The Washington Post.

Talk about poetic justice.

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“What do we want?” they screamed. “Immigration reform! When do we want it? Now!”

The unruly activists were not well received by the dejected Cantor supporters, who tried to block them from gaining entrance, the Post reported. Pushing and shoving ensued, with one Cantor supporter even throwing a glass of wine at a protester once inside.

A Spanish-speaking hotel employee told the pro-amnesty crowd that the police were called, but the emboldened activists were not deterred.

Once police arrived, the group was told to leave, with one of the protesters — an organizer? — telling them that they made their point and should follow the instructions of the police.

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