The funny reason Hillary Clinton’s memoir, ‘Hard Choices’ is being mocked . . .

Hard_Choices-620x930Did anyone google the title, “Hard Choices,” when deciding the name of Hillary Clinton’s memoir?

If they had, they would have found that it is the title of over 1,500 other publications, including a memoir by Cyrus Vance, President Carter’s secretary of state. But worse yet, the book also shares its name with a classic 1987 porno flick, according to The Daily Caller.

“The film was directed by Ron Sullivan, who died of cancer in 2008 and went by a couple of aliases: Crystal Blue, Jackson St. Louis and Henri Pachard,” the Caller reports.

When faced with the hard choice of what to call her tome, perhaps Hillary should have used the TIME Political Memoir Generator, which makes choosing a title simple.

Type in your name, and they do the rest.

Hillary Clinton memoir

The answer is:

Hillary Clinton memoir 2

Maybe “Hard Choices” isn’t so bad after all.

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