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Students served dog treats at elementary school; investigation pending

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Talk about teacher’s pets!

A Pennsylvania school district has placed a recess aide on administrative leave after it was found that students had been given dog treats to eat instead of cookies or crackers, a local television station reported.

Photo: CBC.ca

According to  WFMZ-TV, students at New Hannover Upper Frederick Elementary School in Montgomery County, were given the treats without being told what they really were.

About 75 fourth-grade students were involved in the incident, though it wasn’t clear how many kids actually wolfed down the canine snack.

At least one did though, and had a bone to pick with the aide in question.

“I thought, wow, did I really eat dog treats?” one student said, according to the report. “I was upset that our lunch aide, that we’re supposed to trust, who is supposed to take care of us, would do that to us.”

A fifth-grader asked the question everyone was begging to have answered:

“Who gives children dog treats?”

In a letter sent home with students, the Boyertown Area School District said the incident remains under investigation but the treats themselves are unlikely to be dangerous to humans.

“Our research on the product indicates that the treat ingredients would not be harmful to people, with exception for those individuals with specific food allergies,” the letter stated, according to the report.

(If kids had the wrong allergies, though, the treats might make them sic.)

H/T: CBSlocal.com


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