Justina Pelletier makes tearful plea to judge and governor: ‘Let me go home’

The family of a Connecticut teenager whose seizure from her family by the state of Massachusetts has sparked a national debate over parental rights has released a heartfelt video of the young girl begging a judge and the governor of Massachusetts to let her go home.

justinapelletier0610newIn a video posted on the A Miracle for Justina Facebook page, young Justina Pelletier pleads to be allowed to let her out of the treatment facility she was assigned to in May.

“All I really want is to be with my family and friends,” the 15-year-old says, addressing Massachusetts Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston. “You can do it. You’re the one that’s judging this. Please let me go home.”

According to Fox News, Justina’s story began in February 2013 when the medical staff of Boston Children’s Hospital concluded the mitochondrial disease she had been being treated for actually had a psychological rather than physical cause.

When Justina’s family rejected the psychological diagnosis, a confrontation ensued between the family and Boston Children’s, which reported the family for suspected child abuse.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took custody of Justina and she was held in Boston Children’s psychiatric unit for more than a year.

She is now in a facility in Thompson, Conn., but not allowed to return home.

The religious freedom law firm Liberty Counsel is representing the family and last week filed a motion asking Johnston to release Justina to the family.

In the video, Justina begs Johnston to agree with the motion – and pleads with Massachusetts Gov. Duval Patrick to let her go.

Watch the Facebook video here.


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