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Video: Rocker pours heart out for disrespecting troops on D-Day; ‘I’m embarrassed, ashamed . . .’

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It takes a big man to humble himself with a true, from-the-gut apology, and do it for the world to see.

Rocker Chris Daughtry made a video telling the troops how embarrassed and ashamed he was that he didn’t stay on stage Friday for one last patriotic song to celebrate D-Day on the Fox & Friends stage.

In fairness, the hosts put Daughtry on the spot after he performed his rehearsed music, asking him to come up with a patriotic song everyone could sing along to.

Daughtry said he froze up, feeling nervous and unprepared. After saying “I’m off the clock,” the superstar slipped off the stage while everyone else sang.

It didn’t take long for people on social media to criticize the unpatriotic move, including his fans who were understandably disappointed.

In a world where politicians and Hollywood stars often apologize with rehearsed sincerity worthy of an Academy Award, this one was just the opposite. It was a heartfelt plea for forgiveness.

And from the response of some of the tweets found on Twitchy, Daughtry was forgiven.

The amazing thing about life and the choices we make is that everything we do leaves a track record. Call it “a brand” or “a reputation,”  but essentially we build who we are over time. Daughtry’s long-time respect for our troops was not lost by one mistake.

A great lesson, in the end.

Michele Kirk


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