Democrats finally ‘withdrawing their support’ from Carter-like president, says George Will

George WillPulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will said Sunday that Democrats are “withdrawing their support” from President Obama because he pursues an agenda that will hurt them in November.

Pointing to several recent challenges Obama has struggled to face, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Will if these issues raise questions about the president’s competence.

“It raises questions about his competence and Democrats’ defections from him,” Will responded.

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Adding to Wallace’s list, Will mentioned Democrats stopping the appointment of Larry Summers to head the Federal Reserve and the use of force in Syria.

“There are five crises, in effect, going all the way back to late last summer, and it does indicate that Democrats themselves are withdrawing their support from the president, who goes ahead with his own agenda — the EPA rules this week — that complicate matters for a number of Democrats seeking re-election,” he said.

Will then offered the proverbial “kiss of death” — he put Obama in the same category as former President Jimmy Carter.

“I don’t think I’ve seen worse relations between a White House and Congress since the late Carter years,” he added.

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