Bill Maher’s surprise admission on prisoner swap; admits Obama ‘did do it illegally’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher on Friday criticized Republicans’ narrative on the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but he admitted that President Obama may not have orchestrated the transfer legally.

“The other controversial aspect of this, and it is controversial, is that Obama did kind of did do it illegally,” Maher said during his “Real Time with Maher” program on HBO. “You are supposed to give Congress 30 days’ notice, but the administration says their excuse for that is that Bergdahl’s life was in immediate danger. And that’s just because the Taliban were driving a GM truck.”

Maher managed to criticize former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Fox News and several others in his critique of the Bergdahl swap for five Taliban members being held at the Guantanamo Bay facility.

“Of course, if you saw Fox News, you saw what really happened: Obama surrendered to the Taliban,” Maher said. “It was a tough week for conservatives because, on the one hand, they love the military and soldiers, but they hate Obama.”

Taking a shot at Palin, Maher said, “Like this guy may very well have been a deserter, which is not good. You just can’t pick up and leave in the middle of your job. You’re part of a military unit, not the governor of Alaska.”

He even made a reference to the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal.

“Look, whatever happened over there in Afghanistan. We’re not going to find out or really know for a while,” Maher said. “He will spend weeks, they say, recovering and then months until he can get an appointment at the VA.”

Watch Maher here via Real Clear Politics, and caution – some language may be offensive:

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