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Bergdahl AWOL allegations a ‘PR campaign by Republicans’ to smear Obama, insists Brazile

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Veterans speaking out about U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are part of a “PR campaign by Republicans,” Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said Sunday.

CNN “State of the Union” panel member Ana Navarro disagreed, saying “unit member after unit member after unit member had come out with a very consistent story” about Bergdahl, and they were outraged and offended by his actions.

“Ana, this is a PR campaign by Republican professionals,” said Brazile, who managed former Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

When Navarro told Brazile not to discredit the soldiers who had served their country honorably, Brazile said that as the daughter of a Korean War veteran, she would never discredit a soldier. But she continued to discredit Republicans and their treatment of the president.

“That’s all they do,” she said. “All they do is focus their vitriol, their rage against this president. If the president this morning had scrambled eggs and bacon, they’d say that’s an unhealthy breakfast. If the president had cereal and fruit, they’d say that’s an unhealthy breakfast.”

Brazile doubled down on the accusations later in the day with this tweet:

She received similar responses that she received earlier on CNN, including these tweets:  

Then there was this tweet, which summarized it all:

Obama just openly tweets about breaking laws now: ‘I’ll keep doing whatever I can without Congress


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