Two teens rent $240,000 sports car, mansion on stolen credit cards . . . almost get away with it

Photo Credit: Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept.[/caption] Two California teens rented a $240,000 2012 McLaren sports coupe and a $12 million Glen Ellen mansion with stolen credit cards, […]

kids illegal
DHS blindsiding governors; swarms of child immigrants herded to military bases

Lax enforcement of United States immigration laws by the Obama administration has resulted in a flood of youngsters pouring into the country, and stretching resources to the […]

Dad flashes gun license at son’s principal during argument; loses license, has gun seized by cops

Nothing like a piece of paper to scare a bureaucrat. That the lesson a Massachusetts man learned last week when he flashed his gun license during an […]

Video: Rocker pours heart out for disrespecting troops on D-Day; ‘I’m embarrassed, ashamed . . .’

It takes a big man to humble himself with a true, from-the-gut apology, and do it for the world to see. PLEASE WATCH. There aren’t enough characters […]

BizPac Review
‘You are sick’: Columnist compares Marine imprisoned in Mexico to mass killer in the making

A particularly obnoxious piece and Twitter post Sunday by a Los Angeles Times columnist had Twitter users outraged at the suggestion that an American Marine imprisoned in […]

Flipping smart cars becoming fad in trendy San Francisco

With dwarf-tossing having been deemed politically incorrect, a new fad is beginning to sweep the land. Smart car flipping. San Francisco is dealing with a growing number […]

Miss Louisiana
Miss Louisiana USA answers question on Bergdahl swap; gets thunderous applause

One of six Miss USA pageant contestants on Sunday faced a political landmine in her final round question, but said that she disagreed with the release of five detainees […]

sex ed
Sex-ed for eighth-graders out of control; girls asked to publicly declare ‘how far’ they would go

Students in an eighth-grade class in California who were supposed to be learning about  dating were instructed instead to tell their classmates just how far they were […]

George Will
Democrats finally ‘withdrawing their support’ from Carter-like president, says George Will

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will said Sunday that Democrats are “withdrawing their support” from President Obama because he pursues an agenda that will hurt them in November. Pointing to several […]

Man learns the hard way not to taunt a stingray
Man learns the hard way not to taunt a stingray

Stingrays can be deadly.  Some people have a death wish, or maybe they’re just plain stupid. Horrible crazy woman attacks guy on beach for flying a drone

Any excuse will do: Obama ready to spring Gitmo prisoners — just for taking yoga lessons

President Obama is so desperate to clear out the prison at Guantanamo Bay before his term is up, the hand-picked board he selected to decide on the […]

Obama could face 10 years to life in prison, says Judge Napolitano, for ‘aiding a terrorist organization’

Judge Andrew Napolitano said, in no uncertain terms, that President Obama broke the law under two separate statutes in releasing five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay last week […]