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Student who disarmed Seattle gunman showered with gifts when someone posts bridal registry online

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The student who thwarted a gunman who opened fire at Seattle Pacific University Thursday has been handsomely rewarded through the Internet.

Jon Meis acted quickly, using pepper spray on the shooter while he was reloading his rifle, then tackling him to the ground. Several other students helped hold him down until police could arrive.

Then someone on the Internet found out Meis was getting married through an announcement on “The Knot” and the gifts began pouring in from an adoring public, according to The Blaze.

Items on the registry went quickly, so when Jessamyn MacIntyre from ESPN found nothing left to purchase, she set up a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the couple’s honeymoon.

The response has been overwhelming:

Fundraisers have also been set up for the victims of the shooting:

This tweet summed it up best:

 Murder victim will sing National Anthem at Yankees-Royals game tonight


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