Crazy video: Madman cut down on courthouse steps in hail of bullets

A man due in court for a hearing arrived instead in full body armor, rammed his explosive-laden SUV onto the courthouse steps and engaged in a gun battle with police, who ripped him with scores of bullets.

Dennis Marx, a well-known extremist, drove to the entrance of the Forsyth County Courthouse in Cumming, Georgia, on Friday, tossed “stop sticks” and a smoke grenade out his window to stall pursuers, and attempted to get inside by firing an AR15 assault rifle, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Photo Credit: NBC News 11
Photo Credit: NBC News 11

However, he was stopped by Deputy Daniel Rush, who drew his pistol and began shooting. Rush was wounded in the leg in the exchange while a nearby SWAT team converged on the scene immediately and emptied dozens of rounds into the assailant.

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Forsyth Sheriff Duane Piper said investigators found a bomb on Marx’s body and that his intention was to take hostages.

“If that deputy had not done what he did,” said Piper, “he [Marx] would have got in the courthouse…He [Deputy Rush] saved several lives today.”

Piper later added that many of the explosives Marx carried were homemade, which was characteristic of the anti-government group “sovereign citizens” to which he belonged.

Sheriff Piper with media Photo Credit: Ben Gray/
Sheriff Piper with media
Photo Credit: Ben Gray/


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