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‘Classless’ Obama chomps on gum at D-Day ceremonies; ‘quelle horreur,’ cry the French

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Maybe it’s another quit-smoking strategy.

Or he’s just chewing over new ways to insult American vets after trading a potential deserter for five of the most vicious terrorist commanders in American custody.

No matter what it was, President Obama drew international attention – and no small amount of derision – when he was caught on camera chewing gum like an ill-mannered teenager during Friday’s D-Day anniversary ceremonies in Normandy, France.

For a man with a White House staff supposedly obsessed with “optics,” getting caught on camera looking like he’s planning to skip out of study hall is an enormous black eye — for himself and his country.

Twitter users, of course, were watching.

And after Obama’s juvenile antics like that infamous “selfie” at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, chewing gum at Friday’s D-Day commemoration was a faux pas his French host country couldn’t ignore.

Warning: Some of the language is a little risque.

“Pure class” if you like sarcastic Frenchmen.

Or a little more straight-forwardly:

“No class at all” to you and me.

And here’s one that should infuriate the Obamabots — one of their treasured European buddies comparing Obama to that cowboy from Texas. It asks “can anyone ask Barack Obama to stop chewing his gum like a cowboy?”

Here’s how a helpful American answered:

Or how about one word most people picked up from high school French (or friends who took it.)

That’s one way of saying chewing gum on formal occasions isn’t tres chic.


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