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Bolton slams administration: ‘Children are wonderful, but I don’t think they should be in charge of foreign policy’

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bolton-harfAmerica’s former United Nations ambassador slammed the Obama administration over the Taliban prisoner exchange controversy Friday, telling Fox Business Channel that children shouldn’t be “in charge of foreign policy.”

John Bolton was angry over State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf’s suggestion that platoon members who served with Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl were not qualified to say if he deserted his unit.

“I think children are wonderful, but I don’t think they should be in charge of foreign policy,” Bolton told Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

“That’s very strong stuff,” Varney responded.

“Not as strong as I might say off-camera,” Bolton shot back, calling a video of a Fox News interview with Harf part of a campaign to “impugn the soldiers.”

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“It’s humorous in a sense because it is so inane, but I think it’s going to be increasingly serious because it is part of what seems to be part of an Obama White House campaign to impugn the soldiers who are trying to explain what happened when Bergdahl walked off the base,” Bolton said.

He also ripped President Obama’s incompetence.

“If the prison guards at Guantanamo had let these guys walk out of the front gate, they would be court-martialed for incompetence, and yet that’s what our president did,” Bolton said. “He gave away five killers and essentially got Bergdahl back in return. It’s not a good trade.”

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