Bob Beckel can’t even defend swap: ‘They smoked a bunch of dope and convinced each other’ it was a good idea

When your defenders think you’ve been smoking too much dope, you’ve got a problem.

But that’s where the White House found itself on Friday’s edition of “The Five,” where even house liberal Bob Beckel had real problems trying to justify President Obama’s Rose Garden ceremony to announce the prisoner swap that netted the United States one alleged deserter in exchange for five of the deadliest terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

thefive0607“The Five” were reviewing Megyn Kelly’s interview with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates on Thursday night’s “The Kelly File,” where the Afghan war described a deserter who ended up endangering the lives of his comrades. Conservatives on the panel had a field day mocking the Obama administration, specially National Security Advisor Susan Rice and her remarkable facility for lying with a straight face on Sunday news shows.

But Beckel cut a sorry figure.

“The idea they didn’t think that this thing was going to be exposed for what this guy’s background was is incomprehensible,” Beckel said. “I’m suggesting that somehow, some way, they smoked a bunch of dope and convinced each other that they were going to actually get something positive out of this.”

WATCH: Bergdahl platoon’s exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly

Smoking dope wasn’t the only explanation, though. Panelist Greg Gutfeld said the Obama White House’s experience of being coddle for five years by a supposedly adversarial press has simply gotten more arrogant.

“Without criticism by your friends, you become weak, clueless and incompetent, which are the only areas Obama’s really grown in,” he said.

Maybe the White House will argue they really were smoking dope.

Check out “The Five’s” discussion here.

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