Arrogant Obama: ‘My government’ didn’t need Congress for exchange, and we will do it again

Obama couldn’t just let the D-Day ceremonies in Normandy be all about the celebration of brave men and women.

Someone thought it was a great opportunity to collaborate with NBC, secure prime air time and make yet another strong statement about how he was right and Congress – along with the rest of America – can go suck wind.

“NBC Nightly News” and  “Brian Williams Reporting: Journey to Normandy,” aired an exclusive, well-rehearsed version of President Obama’s defiant defense of his exchange of five senior Taliban prisoners for a possible U.S. deserter who the administration insists served honorably.

In the scripted softball interview Obama showed no shame or hesitation in answering why Congress was kept in the dark.

It was a “unanimous decision” by “my government,” Obama said, in his arrogant response.

“I make no apologies for it,” he began, following his familiar “leave no man behind” mantra. ” It was a unanimous decision by my principals in my government . . . ”

“This is something that I would do again, and I will continue to do wherever I have an opportunity, if I have a member of our military who’s in captivity.”

See the  interview here via NBC:

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688 thoughts on “Arrogant Obama: ‘My government’ didn’t need Congress for exchange, and we will do it again

  1. Parker Orfield says:

    You mean ” Obama Dictatorship”

  2. VIKI says:

    I did not vote, for this woman, Mr Obama

  3. Jon Weiss says:

    Obama should pray that he never needs my assistance with ANYTHING, since he has been such an arrogant jerk, If I were walking down the street and saw Obama with his cloths in flames, I would not walk across the street to piss on him to put out the fire.

    1. Stan H says:

      That’s just one difference between right-wingers and Progressives, because despite your archaic viewpoints and vituperative politics, if the roles were reversed, Obama certainly would.

      1. Jon Weiss says:

        Yes, and then he would bill me for the service. But considering that I am a veteran, I doubt that he would even notice the flames, since the only use he has for us is to put us forward as political pawns and photo op props. Aside from those two points Obama largely ignores veterans.

        1. Stan H says:

          COMPLETE BS! If you’re interested in actual facts, check out “Veterans for Obama”.

          1. Jon Weiss says:

            Of course, I should look to a group who, by its very name carries a strong bias. Perhaps you should read Alinsky for the benefits of anarchy caused by radical behavior. rather than asking people who have actually had to experience it?

          2. Stan H says:

            Perhaps the Veterans group is FOR Obama, because they recognize his commitment to (and actions on behalf of veterans). As to Alinsky, I’m not really interested in Socialist rumination. I’ll leave that up to you

          3. Jon Weiss says:

            You should read Alinsky since that is the basis for pretty much everything Obama does.

            I have seen Obama’s “commitment” such as cutting and running from Iraq, and abandoning all the gains earned by soldiers blood. His plan to force veterans to pay for the health care they were promised to be free as a benefit for their service, and the less than 1% COLA increases in pensions, while Food stamps have increased 30% in the same period. Obama uses soldiers and veterans as political pawns, he cares nothing for their actual lives.

          4. Stan H says:

            You mean the agreement that BUSH signed before Obama was President to leave Iraq by 2011 (Of course, after he opened the bag of worms in the first

            There was NEVER any plan to force veterans to pay for the health care! That’s just one of DOZENS

          5. Jon Weiss says:

            Ah yes, Obama tossed money at the problem, which is typical for a liberal. He taxes the public in the interest of “fairness” then tosses money at government programs, in this case the VA sadly the cash went to the VA (a government program) not the veterans

            Too bad he didn’t follow up on his screwed up action. If he had we might not have had veterans dying while awaiting care. Meanwhile the cash he appropriated went to bureaucrats at the VA who were getting “performance bonuses”.

            As for your false assertions on COLA, the increase has been 1% or less, it is reflected in my pension statement every year, so on that point the paperwork calls you a liar. As for the food stamp increase, the amount paid into the food stamp program and paid by the taxpayer has indeed increased by 30% as to how it is spread out, numbers v amounts, that fluctuates monthly, but over all the amounts to individuals has increases well above 1% .

            As for the recession, I do get a kick out of you libtards suffering from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). Indeed the recession did not occur until 2006, even with the war, the economy was strong growing under Bush’s ;leadership from 2000 to 2006, even the stock market was doing well (without the cash infusions of Obama’s QE, which will cause a major crash not long after Obama ducks out the back door).

            And what happened in 2006 to change the economic picture? That’s right, the Dems took over the House, you remember don’t you? That branch of government that controls the purse strings. The Dems took over the House and the same year, the economy “tanked”, interesting coincidence isn’t it?

            Yes, COLA is set by Congress, with “advice and consent” from the White House, and Obama has said NOTHING in support of a higher increase for veterans, so in spite of all of his rhetoric his actions speak even louder.

          6. Joe Vigue Sr. says:

            so a few nutjobs out of 3 million Veterans like the asshole–big deal! I’ll bet John Kerry is one of them.

          7. Stan H says:

            Enough Veteran “nutjobs” liked him (and his policies) enough to propel him to victory TWICE! How’d YOUR guy do?

      2. Jon Weiss says:

        Obama has been pissing on the entire country since 2009.

        1. Stan H says:

          Compare this to Bush’s legacy (part of which we’re watching unfold on a daily basis).

          1. Jon Weiss says:

            Interesting list, too bad most of it is blatantly false.

            The daily headlines prove it.

            i.e. on the list there are several points that indicate Obama’s desire for “openness” and “transparency” yet when the IRS is under investigation and the House committee gets told by the White House that “the IRS will cooperate fully”, and then it is discovered that the IRS withheld requested documents, and when the IRS commissioner is questioned, he responds with “Well, you didn’t ask for them.” The Obama system becomes clear. He simply hides information and covers up proof of guilt, then feigns innocence while saying “There was no crime because you can’t prove it.”

            A classic example, is Obama’s assertion that “There wasn’t a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.” (Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl interview), yet Lois Lerner’s computer magically has a hard drive crash, along with SIX other computers of her underlings, all at the same time, and no attempt was made to recover any data, and no data was kept on the email servers.

            In addition to those virtual impossible failures, in violation of the Federal Records Act, no hard copies were kept. This is the quality of Obama’s “openness and transparency.”

            I worked for 12 years in IT, dealing with email administration and Exchange server admin, and I can safely say that the story coming from the IRS, as far as the IT end of their claims, is pure B.S. No paper copies, no archives on the Exchange servers, no incremental backups tapes, and SEVEN computer hard drives failing, all at the same time? Not to mention the claims by the IRS and the Congressional Dems that the IRS needs upgrades because their computer system is out of date? If these guys are not lying they are too incompetent to be kept on the payroll.

            The IRS has an IT budget of $1.8 billion per year, and they only upgrade their systems every 5 to 7 years, that means they have $9,000,000,000.00 (that is 5 years X $1.8 billion, since the last reported upgrade) currently on hand for upgrades, and they have not done anything to improve their system other than to ask for more money?

            It does not pass the smell test.

          2. Stan H says:

            Surprisingly, I agree with you, the IRS situation smells fishy. The points that I’d raise in response are that the OIG has investigated and found that there’s NO evidence that the White House (much less than Pres. Obama) was involved in the isolated actions of mid-level employees at a regional IRS center in Ohio. Second, my dear friend Darrell Issa sung a COMPLETELY different tune when THE WHITE HOUSE (not a regional IRS office) lost 50 MILLION emails that COINCIDENTALLY included days surrounding the Valerie Plame “outing”.

            Finally, the IRS fiasco doesn’t eradicate the 200+ accomplishments of President Obama for the American people on that list. A list which is even more impressive when compared with the Republican party’s accomplishments during that period. Oh, . . . wait, there aren’t any!

          3. Jon Weiss says:

            Back to the Blame Bush syndrome I see. As for the rest of the bashing of the RNC, blaming them for their screw ups does not excuse anything that the DNC does, and in view of the stonewalling by Obama on nearly every question, your Blythe dismissal of responsibility for Obama is quite laughable. When the White House exercises Executive privilege and blocks investigation , it s no surprise that the (LOL) “Most Transparent” administration never gets caught. When the evidence is destroyed it makes it tough to build a case.

          4. Stan H says:

            The point that the right-wing regularly misses (either deliberately or ignorantly) is NOT that Bush screwed up (THAT evidence is irrefutable) but that HIS screw-ups were ignored (and sometimes praised) while substantially similar action(s) by THIS President elicits cries of “treason’ and “impeachment”. Why is that? BTW, who was the “poster child” and leading proponent of “executive privilege”?

            There is absolutely no proof that the emails that were LOST (not destroyed) are evidence of any wrongdoing, AND those emails WERE available last year during the OIG investigation. AS THINGS STAND, there is NO evidence that Pres. Obama had any involvement in the decision(s) that delayed the processing of the right-wing groups’ applications.

            Again, ONE branch of government is fighting (against entrenched opposition) to do things for the American public. The other is pouting and doing NOTHING.

          5. Jon Weiss says:

            i will not deign to debate the what-for’s and where-to’s of Bush Vs Obama, both committed their share of screw ups and I have been critical of both, but a screw-up by Bush does not excuse one by Obama.

            As for your claim that there is no evidence of wrongdoing in the IRS e-mails,.. we are back to the Obama standard of “No evidence=No crime” so “if you kill someone and dump the body into a volcano, then apparently no one was killed.” This is the standard.

            BUT, as a person who worked in IT for a number of years, I can say with certitude that for seven computers (Lerner’s and six of her underlings) all to have hard drive crashes at the same time losing the same data, and all being totally unrecoverable, and add to this the fact that the e-mail servers also lost the same data at the same time, point to only two possible conclusions, either they had a run of bad luck who’s odds of occurring are beyond astronomical, and beyond any records loss of data in history, with Eight, count ’em, EIGHT points of failure all occurring at the same time, or there was a conspiracy to destroy the data.

            Add to this, the actual indisputable crime of violating the National Records Keeping Act, which required hard copies be kept, and the conspiracy possibility gains more credibility on an exponential scale.

            Then add in, the total detachment of Obama from the case and his denial to Bill O’Reilly, in the pre super bowl interview, in which Obama states unequivocally that there was “not a smidgen of corruption”, a statement which has now been proven to be a lie, then either Obama made a false statement out of pure ignorance, or he was party to the conspiracy to destroy the data. Otherwise, if Obama knew nothing about the details of the nature of the data loss how could he possibly know that there was no corruption?

            Anyone who cannot see this as a highly questionable set of circumstance, is simply refusing to look.

          6. Stan H says:

            I’m sure that I clearly stated in my post that “one screw-up doesn’t excuse another”. My problem (shared by millions or Progressives) is the disparate treatment of VERY similar actions.

            Whatever the state of the evidence, evidence IS required for conviction/sanctions. As it stands, you not only don’t have proof of any wrongdoing, you don’t have proof that the emails were deliberately destroyed. And, as I pointed out, the emails WERE available during last years’ OIG investigation, which gives rise to a reasonable conclusion that there was no “smoking gun” contained therein (the usual culmination for GOP “scandals” over the last few years).

            In my earlier post, I agreed with you, “I agree with you, the IRS situation smells fishy: It STILL is up to the Republicans to PROVE that it was anything beyond an unfortunate confluence of circumstances.

            Either the President was “totally detached” which means he’s blameless. Or he’s, as you say, “party to the conspiracy” (a proposition that is not supported by an iota of evidence). You can’t have it both ways. I’m also puzzled as to what you see as “corruption” in the IRS. It IS a “as a highly questionable set of circumstances”, now, prove that it’s criminal.

          7. Jon Weiss says:

            I will say once again, wrongdoing by Bush & Co. DOES NOT excuse wrong doing by Obama & Co. So the Plame case is interesting…but irrelevant here.

            The red herring of offices in Cincy went downstream long ago, the case was traced to the IRS HQ and Lois Lerner, In the offices of the IRS, they either destroyed e-mails critical to the case, or they had a run of bad luck that makes the Hindenberg disaster look like a good day in New Jersey. I worked a lot of years in IT, and NEVER did any business I worked for or with, have seven computers all crash at the same time, become totally unrecoverable and have the servers they were attached to die at the same time. Even in the cases of power surges that destroyed several computers at the same time, the Hard drives retained some recoverable data, but that scenario of total hardware failure with no recovery seems to have happened at a U.S. Government agency that has an IT budget that no company I have ever worked for could put together. Nine Billion dollars over 5 years, for IT alone and they could not prevent this loss, the odds of that are astronomical, and what is Obama’s response? “There was not even a smidgen of corruption there.” Either he is the most clueless and naive schmuck on the planet or he’s covering for someone.

    2. Joe Vigue Sr. says:

      I would! lol, maybe not enough to put the fire out though.

  4. Mary Lou Barnwell says:

    Devildog0166, thank you for telling some facts, I can not believe how many people do not know,what has happened to America. God Bless You, my friend.

  5. Lynette says:

    “I’ve been” not “I been”

    1. Max Blood says:

      umm read it again… “i have been” is same as i’ve been.. so try again.. no aberrations or type o here just your ignorance

      1. Lynette says:

        You said I been… it again….lmao!!!

      2. Lynette says:

        “The exact way I been using it” your words…anyway I’m done…I’ve had my fun

  6. honey says:

    Did you hear that, our Islamist friends? That last line of what’s printed here?
    There you go.

  7. Joe Vigue Sr. says:

    He thinks his White Grandfather would be proud of him??? More like EMBARRASSED!! I’ll bet were he still alive, he would REGRET not buying a better brand of rubbers!

  8. Beeotchstewie says:

    You are blinded by the lies, and I am far from stupid. Look deeper into what is really happening to the USA. Your bias seemingly keeps you from seeing the real and ugly truth.

    1. Stan H says:

      The “real and ugly truth” is that there are still millions of people so blinded by racial animus that they will make up baseless crap that a (fortunately) very small portion of the citizenry will swallow as actual fact. I’m sticking with “stupid as hell”.

      1. Beeotchstewie says:

        The man’s race has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. His actions are why people hate him. A racist hater like you has to put racial bias into everything that happens in life. FYI I would love to see a ticket of Ben Carson and Herman Cain for 2016. You are the liberal stupid as hell fool who thinks anyone who opposes the Muslim Mullah is a racist. You have proven yourself to be the racist, not me. . I could care less if Osatan was blue with polka dots, he is still doing his best to destroy the USA. What you need to do is look at what the future will be under this dictator for your children and your grandchildren if God has so blessed you. Get off the racism bandwagon and really take the time to see the forest for the trees.

        1. Stan H says:

          I (and almost everyone else in the Democratic party) would love to see a Carson/Cain ticket also. I really can’t wait to hear about Cain’s “9/9/9” plan again.

          Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how stupid it is. I DON’T think that everyone who opposes the President is racist, but baseless pejoratives like “Muslim Mullah” do give a pretty good indication of where YOU come from .

          1. Beeotchstewie says:

            Let me ask you 3 simple questions if you think Muslim affiliation is so far fetched then.
            1) Does Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood? Yes he does. A sponsor of worldwide terrorism. He has six MB members in his inner circle. Mohammed Elibiary (VERY high up in the DHS) Has been using twitter to praise the ISIS attackers in Iraq, Al Qaeda is even resending his tweets to their fighters.
            2) Did Obama say he would stand with Muslims if it came down to a religious conflict? Yes again I also believe a quote attributed to your Messiah Obama says that Morning Muslim prayers are the sweetest sound in the world.
            3) Does Obama wear a ring symbolizing his commitment to Allah, Yes again
            Your argument, just does not hold water against this evidence, just like you saying he gave us a real birth certificate, His own document expert has extensively examined it and says it is 100 percent fraudulent.
            If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck. Muslim, to be sure. I sure do see where YOU come from.

        2. Stan H says:

          HAH! MORE BS!!

          “Does Obama support the Muslim
          Brotherhood?” NO. He supported the rebels in Egypt, some of whom were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

          “He has six MB members in his inner circle.” COMPLETE LIE. Show me proof of ONE member of MB in his so-called “inner circle.”

          “Mohammed Elibiary (VERY high up in the DHS). ANOTHER LIE. He is on an advisory committee TO Homeland Security, NOT a Homeland Security official OR employee at all!

          “Has been using twitter to praise
          the ISIS attackers in Iraq”. UNTRUE

          “Al Qaeda is even resending his tweets to their fighters.” UNPROVEN

          ” Did Obama say he would stand with Muslims if it came down to a religious
          conflict? ” ABSOLUTELY NOT! Wheres your proof?

          “I also believe a quote attributed to your Messiah Obama says that Morning Muslim prayers are the sweetest sound in the world.” Another RWNJH lie! Show us the PROOF!

          “Does Obama wear a ring symbolizing his commitment to Allah.” ROFLMAO
          NO, NO, a thousand times, NO!!!

          You continued with , “Your argument, just does not hold water against this evidence, just like you saying he gave us a real birth certificate, His own document expert has extensively examined it and says it is 100 percent fraudulent.”

          MORE BS!!! The “fraudulent birth certificate” lie has been debunked YEARS ago!

          Please, step away from the “KOOK-Aid”!

          1. Stan H says:

            The WORST ones are those that don’t even realize that they’re full of crap!

            “Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama administration”. Lets see, Huma Abedin, “has ties” to the Muslim Brotherhood; Mohamed Elibiary (who sits on an ADVISORY committee to Homeland Security), “has ties” to the Muslim Brotherhood.
            The article claims: “We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government today.”
            Asked by the talk-show hosts for their names, he said, “I haven’t got
            their names exactly but there’s a list of them, at least 10 or 15 of them in the U.S. government.”

            It appears that you’re too dense to see the difference between having unconfirmed and uncorroborated ties to someone who may be affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (or any other group) and “proof of ONE member of MB being in his so-called “inner circle.”

            Your freebeacon article apparently proves that an Islamic person, who sits on an ADVISORY committee to Homeland Security (and is FAR from Obama’s “inner circle”) made some pro-Muslim tweets that MAY have been liked by some jihadists. Big Whoopee-doo!

            Your alleged quotes are mostly NOT “from Barry’s own book”, in fact, from YOUR snopes cite:
            “The above-quoted e-mail forward reproduces passages taken from Barack Obama’s two books — Dreams from My Father (1995) and The Audacity of Hope — with the presumed intent of presenting Obama as a self-declared racist. These cherry-picked statements are all presented devoid of context, and some of them are reworded from
            the original (or apparently non-existent).”

            This article eviscerates Zebests so-called analysis of the Obama birth certificate:

            As I posted earlier:
            ” Did Obama say he would stand with Muslims if it came down to a religious
            conflict? ” ABSOLUTELY NOT! Wheres your proof?”

            You said, “I also believe a quote attributed to your Messiah Obama says that Morning Muslim prayers are the sweetest sound in the world.” Another RWNJH lie! Show us the PROOF! STILL WAITING

            “Does Obama wear a ring symbolizing his commitment to Allah.” ROFLMAO
            NO, NO, a thousand times, NO!!!

            You take rumors, innuendo and outright lies, then cite some other RWNJ’s that cite rumors, innuendo and lies, and act like that reflects reality. I think that you need help.

          2. Beeotchstewie says:

            Missed one, straight from another liberal rag the NYT.


            Lay off the bong, it is seriously affecting your ability to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

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