Pizza delivery guy could take slice out of GOP Senate aspirations in November

A laid-back pizza delivery guy may decide if the Republicans capture the United States Senate in November.

In the neck-and-neck race in North Carolina, Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh could steal enough votes from GOP candidate Thom Tillis to allow Democrat Kay Hagan to come in through the back door and retain her seat, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Durham pizza delivery man has made it clear he has no intention of withdrawing, saying “Both of them should drop out.”

His name is on the ballot and if he can garner 10 percent or more in the three polls closest to Election Day, state law permits him to appear on stage in debate forums.

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In his posted youtube video commercial, Haugh does not say what he is for, only that he is against more violence, more debt and more lying. He asks viewers to send in contributions and beer money, giving the impression that his candidacy is a lark — though it is anything but to serious players.

“From a political standpoint,” said Chris LaCivita, consultant to Virginia’s losing gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, “those individuals [spoilers] are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s best pals.”

Current polls show Haugh capturing between 8 to 11 percent of the vote, adding tension to an already tight race that Republicans once considered ripe for plucking.

In the meantime, the Libertarian candidate continues to deliver pizzas, saying “I get to bring joy and relief to about 20, 25 families a night.”


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