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Obama administration official who called Bergdahl’s platoon ‘psychopaths’ offers ‘non-apology’

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The Obama administration official who tried to elicit sympathy for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by saying his platoon may have been “long on psychopaths” has apologized.

Sort of.

In a feeble attempt to counter persistent stories that Bergdahl deserted his unit, Friedman posted a series of tweets on Wednesday suggesting the soldier may have had good cause to abandon his post.

As outrage grew over the tweets, Friedman deleted from his Twitter profile any reference to his role in the Obama administration — he is the deputy assistant secretary for public affairs for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, which was proudly displayed beforehand.

Psychologist worries ‘irrational, erratic’ behavior
may seriously indicate Obama is not sane

But the horse was already out of the barn by that point, prompting Thursday’s action.

Friedman’s apology, as reported by BuzzFeed: 

“While I just wanted to make the point that the public should wait before passing judgment, I unfortunately used my own poor judgment in choosing inappropriate language that many view as disparaging to U.S. service members. That was certainly not my intent and I regret making the comments on my personal account in such a way. I apologize to those with whom I work in the administration, at HUD, and, most importantly, to any service members who took offense.”

As a decorated veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — Friedman was a platoon leader in the Army’s 101st Airborne — he added that he has “only the highest regard for our servicemen and women.”

Even if they are psychopaths.

As might be expected, Friedman’s so called apology did not go over too well on Twitter. A few responses, as captured by Twitchy:


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