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Heroic student tackles crazed gunman to halt killing spree at Seattle Pacific University

seattle shooting
Photo credit: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

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A quick-thinking building monitor suppressed a murderous rampage when he pepper-sprayed the gunman as he was reloading his shotgun.

Jon Meis, a student at Seattle Pacific University, then put a chokehold on the killer and wrestled him to the ground, as other students joined in to hold him until police arrived, according to the Seattle Times.

The lone gunman, identified as 26-year-old Aaron Ybarra, allegedly killed one person and wounded several others in an inexplicable rage of fury.

“He was hellbent on killing a lot of people today,” one police officer told the Times, who said the man was captured wearing a knife and extra shotgun shells.

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Ybarra had entered Otto Miller Hall on campus around 3:30 p.m. and immediately opened fire, shooting three people. When building monitor Meis saw him stop to reload, he seized the opportunity to stop the assault.

Zach McKinley, a close friend of Ybarra, said the rampage made no sense at all. “He’s super happy and friendly,” he said. “He’s an awesome guy, someone who would never let you down.”

McKinley described Ybarra as a man who spent time writing screenplays and novels, who had just gotten a new job bagging groceries, and was more interested in fishing than guns.

Police Cmdr. Fowler offers details in this video via Q13 Fox KPCQ:


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