Forget ‘alien body-snatching,’ Michelle Obama could run for office in 2016

Photo: Fox News

Political pundits are speculating that Michelle Obama may be considering a 2016 run in Illinois for Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s seat.

President Obama promised last week that unless there was an “alien body-snatching,” his wife would not run for office.

The first lady has been in the news often lately, from tweeting and publicly requesting the safe return of kidnapped Nigerian girls, to raising money for Democrats and strongly defending, according to Reuters.

She also plans to speak at a private memorial service for poet Maya Angelou at Wake Forest University’s Wait Chapel on Saturday, according to the Washington Post.

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Kirk is up for re-election in 2016, and while he is considered a formidable incumbent, some believe Obama has the star power and fundraising prowess to pull off an upset. A 2012 Public Policy Polling survey gave the first lady the advantage of 51 percent to Kirk’s 40 percent.

The Obamas have maintained their home in Illinois and their voting registration – and even though they rarely visit, going back would seem  natural, Reuters reported.

The first lady told ABC News in 2012 that she would “absolutely not” run for president, but then left the door open.

“One of the things you learn about yourself as you get older are what are your strengths and what are your interests,” she said. “And for me, it’s other stuff, that is not being the president. So I probably won’t run.”

It’s probably time to keep an eye out for alien body-snatchers.

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