Florida man battling city code paints American flag on home: ‘This is still America’

red-white-blueIn the spirit of “Old Glory,” a Florida man painted his house red, white and blue to remind city officials that this is still America.

The saga started back in February when a complaint was lodged with Bradenton code enforcement that Brent Greer still had a Christmas tree in front of his home, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Greer complied with the initial request to remove the tree, but additional issues were cited during a follow up visit.

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“There was some substandard housing conditions at the time that we found there,” Code Compliance Manager Volker Reiss told the Herald.

The newspaper reported that violations included “mold, mildew and bare wood showing on the structure, chipped and peeling paint, an accumulation of trash, exposed wires and decaying supporting members of a balcony railing.”

Greer, who felt his rights were being threatened, faces potential fines of up to $250 a day if he doesn’t correct the problems.

“I told the code enforcement officer that the Constitution gives me rights, and he told me that the city’s laws trump the Constitution,” Greer said. “I said, ‘Well, no, it doesn’t.’ This is America and what rules America is the Constitution.”

And to make that point, he proceeded to paint the front of his house in the image of the American flag.

“I thought this was the best way to remind people that this is still America,” Greer said.

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Tom Tillison


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