Obama official paints Bergdahls platoon as ‘psychopaths’ and liars to elicit sympathy for desertion

bowe-bergdahlFew will argue that the deal struck to gain the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a diversionary tactic that blew up in President Obama‘s face, but that hasn’t stopped some members of his administration from going to the wall for their man.

Even if that means calling American soldiers serving on the front lines in the war in Afghanistan “psychopaths.”

Reporter nails shifty State Dept. rep. with her own words:
‘You’ve had 5 years to determine what happened’

Amid an overwhelming response from those who served with Bergdahl who say he deserted his unit, Brandon Friedman, deputy assistant secretary for public affairs for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, posted a series of tweets Wednesday suggesting the soldier may have had good cause to abandon his post.

Interestingly, as the tweets began to make the rounds, Friedman scrubbed his Twitter profile to remove any reference to his role in the Obama administration, which he proudly displayed beforehand.

Gateway Pundit was among the first to report on these tweets:

Friedman attempts to elicit sympathy for Bergdahl’s actions by disparaging the leadership in his platoon, and suggested this gives his fellow soldiers reason to “smear him publicly.”

Gateway Pundit noted that Friedman’s Wikipedia page says he is a decorated war veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, which means he should know better than to put politics before the men and women who serve in our armed forces.

It’s unlikely Friedman will face any consequences for his offensive actions given the president’s history of failing to hold people in his administration accountable — that’s assuming Obama would find the remarks offensive to begin with.

Twitchy captured responses from a few folks who did have a problem with it:

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