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Liberal media finally disgusted : Obama ‘betrayed the highest obligation of his office’

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Photo Credit: breitbart.com
Photo Credit: breitbart.com


The New York Daily News – no bastion of conservative sentiment – excoriated President Obama in its chief editorial on Wednesday for trading five al-Qaida ringleaders for one American soldier.

Calling his Rose Garden appearance with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents “a cynical act of theatre,” the paper blasted his decision to free criminals whom he admitted will return to haunt us, saying “he betrayed the highest obligation of his office: safeguarding national security.”

The paper rebuked his contention that the hardened terrorists would be under the watchful eye of Qatari security, quoting a Gulf official who told Reuters that the Taliban leaders could “move around freely within our country” for a year, and then “go back to Afghanistan if they want to.”

The editorial castigated Obama for disregarding multiple intelligence reports which warned of the peril of their release, and for employing the disingenuous excuse of Bergdahl’s failing health as a justification for the transfer.

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Describing Obama as “having lost his presidential compass,” it attributed his agreement to swap as a decision to be placed within the context of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“He wants out so badly,” the Daily News wrote, “that he accepted the Taliban’s terms, regardless of the threat to American security. He is surrendering without honor.”

What seemingly is implied but left unsaid, is that malfeasance in office is grounds for dismissal, i.e., impeachment.


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