Reporter nails shifty State Dept. rep. with her own words: ‘You’ve had 5 years to determine what happened’

Jay Carney press conferences aren’t the only entertaining works of fiction the White House puts on regularly.

If you really want to see reporters have some fun, the State Department spokeswomen frequently conduct briefings that are closer to Saturday Night Live parodies and some of the reporters know how to play along.

Case in point: On Tuesday Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson asked deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf if the State Department considered Sergeant Bergdahl to be a deserter.

“The State Department — no, Lucas. Look, what we’ve said is we are going to learn the facts about what happened here,” Harf began nervously.

Harf dismissed the accounts of  Bergdahl’s fellow platoon mates and mounting evidence reported in the past few days as “rumors.”

After a testy back-and-forth conversation that demonstrated the fact that the administration is probably knee-deep in doo doo here, the exasperated Harf spit out a statement that evoked memories of Hillary Clinton’s infamous “what difference does it make?”

“It happened five years ago,” she snapped.

Ironically, she blurted out the statement in frustration that Tomlinson didn’t believe her ridiculous claim that the U.S. government has no idea what happened the night Bergdahl left base.

Tomlinson didn’t miss a beat, since she just made his case for him.

“You’ve had all this time,” he said. “Five years to determine whether he’s a deserter or not. That’s a long time”

In a last-gasp effort Tomlinson brought up Bergdahl’s platoon mates again.

“Well, I think his squad mates have the best indication what happened that night,”he said.

“I don’t think that that’s the case,” Harf responded.

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