Monica Lewinsky’s first TV interview in a decade to be with . . . National Geographic

Photo from: Hophopandmore

Monica Lewinsky’s first television interview in eleven years will be in a 3-part mini-series produced by the National Geographic Channel entitled “The 90s: The Last Great Decade?”

She was chosen as one of six people who had “unanticipated brushes with fame,” reported. The show premiers on July 6 on the National Geographic Channel.

The ex-White House intern, famous for having an affair with former President Bill Clinton, recently authored an article for Vanity Fair, emphasizing her victim status and dread of a Hillary Clinton presidential run, which would unleash the paparazzi on her trail once more.

Her first interview with Barbara Walters in 1999 is the most-watched interview of all time, according to Huffington Post.


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