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Jon Stewart’s humorous summary of Bergdahl saga; the White House won’t be laughing!

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Daily Show” comic Jon Stewart is no conservative, but even the late-night lib is ripping the Obama administration for its awful bungling in trying to get a suspected American deserter back from the Taliban.

jonstewart0604newerIn a sketch Tuesday night, Stewart broke down the Bowe Bergdahl story – from President Obama’s shameful news conference in the White House Rose Garden on Saturday to Tuesday night, when stories and commentaries were rife with questions about how the Idaho native ended up with the Taliban, what he did while he was a “prisoner,” and what exactly this country gave up to get him back.

It’s an astonishing fall, as Stewart puts it, from “a magnificent, wonderful story” to “an absolutely terrible, disastrous catastrophe that is the single worst thing we as a country have ever done.”

As a chic liberal, Stewart does try to take a stab at conservatives and Fox News along the way, but that’s his bread and butter. The real message here is just how really rotten this move was – and how stupid the smartest president of all time looks for actually trying to pull it off.

Plus, it’s really pretty funny.

Check it out here.


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