Greg Gutfeld: Obama prisoner swap ‘like a Common Core math problem’

“The Five’s” Greg Gutfeld explained how a lousy poker player like Obama could win in the Bergdahl trade, when he opened his monologue on Tuesday.

“It sounds like a Common Core math problem: Five high-risk terrorists for one mysterious hostage,” he said. “The Taliban call it a victory, but then again, for them, so is a drunk goat under a blanket.”

Gutfeld predicted however, that the odds in this precarious swap favored Taliban retaliation in the form of slain Americans as the likely outcome.

“But what of the message?” he asked. “Catch one of ours, get five of yours back.”

He called Obama a lousy poker player, having telegraphed his intentions before he even entered the casino. But he gave him an ace in the hole and viewers a rope to cling to, in his concluding remark.

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