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Bill O’Reilly: ‘Is Ambassador Rice a moron?’

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Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly hasn’t always been crystal clear about where he stands on this administration.

But in Tuesday’s “Talking Points Memo,” he left no doubts.

O’Reilly agreed with an anonymous insider at the White House who told him that Obama has pretty much stopped caring what anyone thinks and is going to do whatever he wants finishing out his term, “consequences be damned” ( as if he wasn’t already doing anything he wants).

“What is going on inside the Oval Office?” an incredulous O’Reilly asked. “Why are so many mistakes being made? Big mistakes.”

“It’s almost beyond belief that an administration can be this dense” ( welcome to the reality check of the century, Bill. Where exactly have you been? ).

O’Reilly went on to describe the increasingly feeble and “incredible”  White House explanations for the recklessness and failures piling up under President Obama. He cited former U.N. Ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice as the poster child for dishonesty.

“Susan Rice saying to the world that Sergeant Bergdahl served his country with honor . . . are you kidding me?” O’Reilly asked. ”And that’s on top of the Benghazi stuff? Is Ambassador Rice a moron? Why would she say that when all the facts point to the opposite? Especially when she herself got hammered over the Benghazi deception.”

“The White House press corps better start asking about Ms. Rice and the other crazy stuff over and over again,” he strongly suggested.

“Again, what is wrong with these people?”  O’Reilly asked sounding utterly surprised.

Again, where exactly have you been, Bill?

Michele Kirk


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