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New reports: Bergdahl left note declaring intention to desert, renounce citizenship the night he walked off

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Evidence keeps building that the Obama administration may have traded terrorists for what some would call a traitor.

Bowe Bergdahl, the Army soldier whose capture by the Taliban five years ago led President Obama to release five terrorist ringleaders on Saturday, not only deserted his post in hostile territory but left behind a note announcing he was disgusted with the American mission in Afghanistan and wanted renounce his American citizenship, according to news reports.

Photo: CNN

Citing a former military official familiar with the investigation, The Times New York Times reported Tuesday that Bergdahl, who was a private at the time of his disappearance near the Pakistan border, took a backpack, water, knives and a notebook.

He left behind his weapons – and his soldier comrades, who were forced to spend the next 90 days in a futile search for him. Some might have died as a result.

“Everything that we did in those days was to advance the search for Bergdahl,” a former medic in Bergdahl’s outfit, told The Times. “If we were doing some mission and there was a reliable report that Bergdahl was somewhere, our orders were that we were to quit that mission and follow that report.”

This being The Times, the report notes that the medic spoke in an interview “arranged by Republican strategists,” but it does make clear that Bergdahl’s was widely known to have deserted, rather than captured by the Taliban while one duty.

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Meanwhile, Fox reported Tuesday that not only had Bergdahl’s note declared his his intention to desert, but that it “suggested that he wanted to renounce his American citizenship and go find the Taliban.”

“U.S. military officials would not confirm the existence of the letter, but if it does exist, it would likely be part of the original file on the investigation into Bergdahl’s disappearance,” Fox reported.

Bergdahl’s father, Robert, has come in for criticism for Twitter postings supporting freedom for terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay and for praying to Allah in Arabic during a White House appearance with Obama on Saturday. Disagreeable, maybe, but a man trying to save his son’s life might do a lot of crazy things.

A government is different.

With every day that goes by, indications keep building that the Obama administration violated a law that required the president to inform Congress before any Guantanamo Bay prisoners were transferred; overturned a longstanding U.S. policy of refusing to negotiate publicly with terrorists, and handed a determined enemy a victory by releasing five of its top commanders — all to win the release of a soldier who deserted his comrades U.S.  and left a written statement declaring his intention to do so.

And all of this is happening at a time the administration was desperate to get attention away from the Veterans Administration scandal that’s rocked Obama for a week. Commentators like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd have even said the White House expected news of Bergdahl’s release to be greeted with euphoria.

According to recent reports, administration insiders say its  foreign policy can be boiled down to “Don’t do stupid sh*t.”

You’d never know it.

Check out the Fox report here.



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