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Bag falls out of armored truck; the touching reason a man returned $125,000

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A man in a Salvation Army rehabilitation program in Fresno, Calif. proved that “temptation resisted is the mark of character,” when he immediately called police after discovering a lost satchel containing $125,000.

The bag had fallen out of the back of a Brinks armored truck on Friday, while nearby, Joe Cornell was watering his employer’s garden. He heard a motorist shout to the driver that something had fallen, Fox KMPH reported, but the guard did not hear him and kept on driving.

When Cornell went to investigate, he discovered a bag filled with money and became overwhelmed with emotion, according to the report.

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“I started crying and shaking,” he told the reporter. “Everything was going through my mind – the good devil/bad devil thing. What to do?”

But he asked himself how he wanted to be remembered by his grandchildren, and even though he only had one dollar in his pocket, he decided immediately to return the money.

His wife told the Fox KMPH news reporter that she burst into tears when she heard the story, she was so proud of her husband.

Brinks also showed gratitude, by rewarding the Good Samaritan with a much-needed $5,000 check.


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