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Obama doctrine, ‘Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t,’ White House staffers say

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While much ado was made over Sarah Palin stumbling when asked about the “Bush Doctrine,” the sheer simplicity behind President Obama’s foreign policy assures there will be no such confusion this time around.

According to Politico, the Obama Doctrine is as simple as a four-letter word: “Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t.”

“Playbook rarely prints a four-letter word — our nephews are loyal readers,” chief White House correspondent Mike Allen wrote over the weekend. “But we are, in this case, because that is the precise phrase President Obama and his aides are using in their off-the-record chats with journalists.”

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He detailed how the West Wing “hit the jackpot” with so many recent uses of the phrase, to include twice Sunday in the New York Times.

“What’s clear is that the White House is pushing this line hard, and effectively,” Allen wrote. “What’s not clear is how a high school cliché will help successfully define a foreign policy that many on the right and left find soft and uninspired.”

With such a simple codification — “Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t” — it’s a wonder the Obama administration falls short so often.

H/T Daily Caller

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