John McCain troubled by ‘hardest of hard-core’ terrorists set free in exchange; ‘responsible for death of thousands’

U.S. Sen. John McCain is worried about what five terrorists will do now that they’ve been released from the Guantanamo Bay facility.

McCain told CBS’s Bob Schieffer on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” that he is happy for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his family now that the soldier’s been released after five years in captivity in Afghanistan as part of a prisoner swap with the Taliban. But he is troubled by the conditions of his release, saying the terrorists sent home in the exchangewere the “hardest of the hard core.”

“These are the highest high-risk people. Others that we have released have gone back into the fight. It’s been documented,” McCain said. “It is disturbing that these individuals would have the ability to reenter the fight. They are big, high-level people, possibly responsible for the deaths of thousands.”

Scheiffer, who was caught off guard, asked, “The death of thousands?”

“Absolutely,” McCain said. “One of them was a chief intelligence person who killed a lot of Shiite Muslims. These are really the toughest of the tough.”

Watch the segment via CBS News:

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