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Can’t fix stupid! Liberal hack makes ‘tiny prisoner exchange’ a ‘Republican’ thing

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It didn’t take long for the BS to fly from the left over the “tiny prison exchange” that “Republicans” are making such a big deal about.

Here’s what a liberal blogger for Mother Jones wrote to get the ball rolling:

Republicans are upset over the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. They have several complaints: the president “negotiated with terrorists”; the president broke a law requiring 30-day notice before prisoners are transferred out of Guantanamo; and among a few fringe types, a belief that perhaps Bergdahl was actually a deserter not worth rescuing.

Is there anything to any of this? Probably not. But it’s pretty much impossible to tell for sure. Republicans these days are so hellbent on finding reasons to be outraged over everything President Obama does, there’s no longer any way to tell whether their outrage over any specific incident is real or manufactured. And in this case, it’s probably not worth trying to find out.

Not to worry, the few “fringe types” on Twitter broke it down for him in simple language so even he could understand. Twitchy was there to capture it:

The first lesson was in spelling:

Then a refresher in U.S. law:

And, finally, Terrorism 101:

But no matter how hard you try to educate people, a few truths remain: You can’t fix stupid, and conspiracy theories are always in vogue.

Michele Kirk


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