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KISS ‘rock gods’ open new restaurant with free lunch for wounded warriors

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Two members of the iconic rock group KISS treated veterans to a free lunch at the opening of their new restaurant in Overland Park, Kan.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley hosted a grand-opening luncheon Thursday for about 100 returning veterans and wounded warriors at their new Rock & Brews restaurant, according to KCTV.

Some of the men said that of KISS’ music helped get them through tough times.

“They are just not rock gods, but rock legends,” veteran William Mathieson told KCTV. “They have been doing it for 40 years. They can still get up on stage and do it today. You know, of all the bands I could think of that military gets pumped up for, KISS is definitely one of them.”

The veterans are the real heroes, Simmons and Stanley said, adding that they deserve much more than a free lunch – and the pair are doing what they can to make sure the nation’s heroes get some needed assistance.

“The entire proceeds from today will go right back to our veterans hospital right here in the greater Kansas City area,” Simmons said. “We have to give back. You just have to give back. You may not be able to do what we can do, but at the very least, if you are standing in line at a Starbucks and a proud member of our military is in back of you, stand aside and make way for a hero.”

Watch the report here via KCTV:


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