Bravo! One woman’s act against Planned Parenthood brings out mad libs

It’s funny what can spark a social media spat.

Lolly Ekdahl received kudos from her Twitter followers after she posted a picture of the “return to sender” message she wrote on a recent Planned Parenthood fundraising solicitation letter.

Cue the defensive, “enlightened”  liberals and a couple of media personalities from both sides of the abortion argument, and it became an interesting discussion.

Here’s how Twitchy captured some of it:
Starting with the kudos:

It was conservative media editor Ben Howe who may have piqued the attention of popular gay liberal author and media pundit Dan Savage.

Several Savage fans, like this one, followed his lead and posted that they were inspired to donate:

It was time for Howe to engage:

He wasn’t alone:

This guy took a different approach to the argument:


See more at Twitchy.

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