pray 4th
Defiant Louisiana Sheriff will pray at July 4th rally; scoffs at ‘ridiculous’ ACLU

The sheriff of a small Louisiana town refuses to be cowed by the American Civil Liberties Union’s objections to his parish’s plans for a Fourth of July […]

Gasp! The PSA making conservative moms everywhere blush

A video featuring two rambunctious boys playing with mom’s sex toys is one way to get everyone’s attention. The two young angels innocently ran out of the […]

Obama on immigration
Obama’s Rose Garden message: If Congress doesn’t like my executive actions they should stop disagreeing with me

President Obama ivered remarks in the Rose Garden on Monday admonishing Congress for failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, vowing to do what he can on his […]

It’s hard to argue with ‘Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe; even if you are a lawyer

Television star Mike Rowe’s recent on tale about the shaming of a local shoplifter and the downright creepy reaction of some attorneys he met by chance drew […]

screengrab flustered trooper
Big shot trooper busted for speeding, talking on cell, turns into kitten on camera

An Illinois state trooper did a swift U-turn when a clever truck driver caught him on video speeding and using his cellphone. The incident occurred a week […]

Fam Fued
Game show hilarity: One question both married men wouldn’t dare touch

This is classic and speaks for itself. A couple of competitive guys that won’t answer the question “We asked 100 married men, which of the seven dwarfs […]

‘Oh Snap!’ Bobby Jindal predicts how Obama is taking Hobby Lobby news

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby Monday it to only nanoseconds for the haters on the left to spew the “F” word in […]

Bill Clinton: Before Benghazi, GOP didn’t care if US diplomats died

In a pre-recorded interview in Denver before a fawning audience, Bill Clinton deflected a question regarding wife Hillary’s culpability in the September 11, 2012 disaster at Benghazi, […]

Video: Things get ugly between cops, female ‘race theory’ professor — ends in a body slam

A late-night confrontation between a university professor and a campus police officer over a minor jaywalking incident is drawing major attention on the Web thanks to a […]

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling: Religious freedom scores victory

The Supreme Court ivered a smashing victory for religious freedom Monday with a 5-4 decision against the Obama administration and Obamacare’s contraception requirement. The decision by conservative […]

Video: Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?
Video: Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?

I hope this isn’t how they make Chicken McNuggets. Bully biker immediately hit with cosmic karma Mother savagely beaten as her toddler tries to help; bystanders do […]

Kelly and Ayers
Sneak peek at Megyn Kelly giving former terrorist Bill Ayers a proper grilling

Fox News will air Megyn Kelly properly grilling former terrorist, good friend to Barack Obama, andleader of the Weather Underground, William Ayers, Monday night on “The Kelly […]

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