Van Dyke
Watch Dick Van Dyke, 88, get his groove on in the middle of a store: ‘Father Time can suck it’

Some things just make you smile! Actor Denis Leary shared the joy when he posted this video of 88-year-old legend Dick Van Dyke dancing like a 20-year-old […]

tiny dancer1
President Obama blows Jay Carney goodbye kiss: ‘Can’t un-see this!’

Twitter peeps had some fun Friday with an “explosive” discovery made while watching Obama’s touching “goodbye” to Jay Carney. The slow-motion video shows Obama blowing his buddy Jay-Jay […]

Madness: Adults brawl at high school graduation
Madness: Adults brawl at high school graduation

This is really pathetic. Looks like more arrests should have been made. From the Daily News: A massive brawl broke out outside Towson University’s SECU Center on […]

BizPac Review
Jay Carney resigns, Twitter reacts

White House press secretary Jay Carney has resigned, President Obama announced Friday, according to Town Hall. Town Hall has reported: Shortly before 2 p.m., President Obama made […]

Bush Obama in Afghanistan
Bush, Obama each visited Afghanistan, NBC coverage was night and day

Former President George W. Bush made a “surprise” visit to Afghanistan in 2006, similar to President Obama’s trip made earlier this week, but coverage of the trips […]

Michelle O
Obama makes a promise about Michelle’s political career, with alien body-snatching disclaimer

President Barack Obama went out on a limb Friday, promising that first lady Michelle Obama will not be running for office. Appearing on ABC’s “Live! with Kelly […]

Eric Shinseki
VA Secretary Shinseki resigns in midst of scandal

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has submitted his resignation to President Obama, according to Fox News. Fox News has reported: “A few minutes ago, Secretary […]

Sarah Palin: Obama has a ‘lack of understanding’ about ‘debt of gratitude’ toward vets

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin criticized President Obama over the ongoing VA scandal Thursday while at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. “I think there’s a lack of […]

Chris Matthews sees the light, rips Obama’s approach to fixing the VA

Democratic water-carrier Chris Matthews made a U-turn Thursday, slamming President Obama for his handling of the ballooning Veterans Affairs scandal. The host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” told guests […]

Pizza workout takes Internet by storm
Pizza workout takes Internet by storm

Let’s be honest — everything is better with pizza, even the gym.

Criminal gives new meaning to gun control, shoots sidekick while pistol-whipping victim

A criminal in Detroit gave a whole new meaning to gun control recently when he shot an accomplice while he was pistol-whipping a victim. To be clear, […]

Corrine Brown
Corrine Brown: No VA problems in Florida

Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., declared Wednesday that her state does not have any Veterans Affairs problems, announcing, “I did my reconnaissance in Florida. I can tell you, […]