President Obama blows Jay Carney goodbye kiss: ‘Can’t un-see this!’

Twitter peeps had some fun Friday with an “explosive” discovery made while watching Obama’s touching “goodbye” to Jay Carney.

The slow-motion video shows Obama blowing his buddy Jay-Jay a goodbye kiss. Someone thought it was a good idea to share . . . and set the love to music. Ugh!

Latest update on the shocking “breaking news”:

H/T : Twitchy

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265 thoughts on “President Obama blows Jay Carney goodbye kiss: ‘Can’t un-see this!’

  1. sputnik1 says:

    Ewww to the nth degree.

  2. jwmiller says:

    Waiting for a hello kiss & a huggy wuggy for the Josher.

  3. petsnpeopletoo says:

    I haven’t seen anything that sickening all year…..This poor poor country and the poor poor blind people letting it go on & on……WILL be sorry!

  4. msueh says:


  5. Dave Wallace says:

    Love the first half of the headline: President Obama blows Jay Carney…

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