Obama makes a promise about Michelle’s political career, with alien body-snatching disclaimer

Michelle O
Photo by Jay LaPrete – AP

President Barack Obama went out on a limb Friday, promising that first lady Michelle Obama will not be running for office.

Appearing on ABC’s “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” the president was asked about his thoughts on that possibility.

“In 10 years from now, if Mrs. Obama turns to you and announces that she wants to run for office, what would your honest reaction be?” host Kelly Ripa asked.

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“I would say, ‘Where did you take my wife?’” Obama replied. “I would be sure there had been an alien body-snatching going on.”

“One thing I can promise you is Michelle will not run for office,” he added.

Under U.S. law, the first lady is eligible to run for president. And considering his penchant for saying things that later prove to be untrue, Obama’s promise that she will not run is sure to result in more than a few late nights for some on the right.

Tom Tillison


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