Criminal gives new meaning to gun control, shoots sidekick while pistol-whipping victim

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A criminal in Detroit gave a whole new meaning to gun control recently when he shot an accomplice while he was pistol-whipping a victim.

To be clear, it was striking a person with a gun that made him a criminal, not his stupidity.

“One of the men was pistol-whipping the victim when his gun went off, and his partner was shot in the neck,” said Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt.

The incident happened Monday, and the man died from the gunshot wound, according to the Detroit News.

A Personal Defense World article, “The Art of the Pistol Whip,” offered some basics on striking a person with a gun that would have come in handy for the aggressor, to include sound trigger-finger discipline and muzzle discipline.

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“If you can’t hit in a way that ensures the muzzle stays pointed in a safe direction throughout the entire path of the strike, don’t hit,” cautioned the author.

Sage advice.

The shooting was part of a “wave of violence in the city” since the Memorial Day weekend, Detroit News reported — there have been 36 shootings.

“It was a brutal weekend, there’s no getting around it,” Dolunt said.

On a positive note, the article noted that shootings in the city “were down 15 percent from the same period last year, from 425 to 361.”

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