Bush, Obama each visited Afghanistan, NBC coverage was night and day

Former President George W. Bush made a “surprise” visit to Afghanistan in 2006, similar to President Obama’s trip made earlier this week, but coverage of the trips by NBC’s “Today” was completely different for each.

In 2006, Kelly O’Donnell, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer suggested that Bush’s trip was a publicity stunt done to boost lagging approval ratings, according to The Foundry.

“The president’s travels come at a time when his popularity at home has itself gone south,” O’Donnell said of Bush.

But after Obama’s visit Sunday, no one on “Today” mentioned his approval ratings, which happen to be lower than Bush’s were at the time of his trip, nor was there any mention of the numerous scandals plaguing the administration.

Instead, the segment noted Obama’s “whirlwind 4-hour visit to Afghanistan,” that he thanked those still serving, and mentioned that he was “continuing to navigate the mounting scandal over the VA [Veterans Affairs].”

Watch the double-standard video via The Media Research Center’s Newsbusters:

Compare Obama’s ‘icy’ West Point reception to Bush’s final visit


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