Watch Obama’s ‘icy’ reception at West Point everyone’s talking about

President Obama’s address to the 2014 West Point graduates Wednesday didn’t go well.

The president received “tepid applause and a short standing ovation from less than one-quarter of the audience upon his introduction,” according to the Daily Mail.

CNN “Newsroom” anchor Jim Clancy was even more critical of the reception – and the speech.

“It was a philosophical speech,” Clancy said.” “It was not a commander in chief speaking to his troops. And you heard the reception. I mean, it was pretty icy.”

The chilly response is no surprise, since a majority of military personnel surveyed in a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll last month gave the president a poor review. Only 42 percent of post-9/11 veterans polled said that Obama is a good commander in chief, while 65 percent said the same of George W. Bush.

Watch the audience reception here via Reuters:

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