Video: Would you step in if a man was getting beat up by a woman?

A British charity set out to prove that the expression “domestic abuse” may sound non-discriminatory, but it really only conjures the perception of man bullying woman.

The ManKind Initiative staged two mock scenarios in a London park the Daily Mirror reported, to demonstrate the pervasive bias held by most everyone.

In the first, a man bullies his girlfriend, pushes her against an iron fence and menacingly puts his hands on her head. Bystanders are quick to intervene and threaten to call the police.

In the second, the gal pushes and shoves her boyfriend up against the railing, berating him all the while and grabbing his hair. Onlookers merely smile, enjoy the entertainment, and no one steps in to referee.

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The message from the Somerset-based sponsor is, “40 percent of domestic violence is suffered by men,” followed by, “Violence is violence.”

Viewers are then asked to vote on whether they would intervene if a woman was being attacked by a man.

The film was shot on May 16, just days after Jay Z was attacked in New York by Solange, Beyoncé’s sister.


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