Trump reveals power source: Twitter is ‘like owning the NY Times without the losses’

Speaking in Washington on Monday before the National Press Club, Donald Trump praised Twitter and slammed the New York Times all in one shot.

He hailed social media as the easiest and fastest way to communicate.

“I don’t do press releases,” he told a sold-out crowd. “If I want a press release I just put it on Twitter and I’ve got a press release…It’s so great…It’s like owning the New York Times without the losses…You’ve got millions of people watching and if I want to say something, I just put it out and all of a sudden, I’m reading stories about it the next day,” the Washington Post reported.

The always-modest Donald told the audience that he has millions of followers, and related that they constantly chide him about his hair, so he pulled it back to demonstrate it’s all his and not a wig. Check out the clip:

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