Toure’s ‘apology’ for Holocaust crassness: ‘Try to be less offended next time’

MSNBC host Toure, the left-wing black man obsessed with the color of white skin, must have finally felt the heat.

After an outpouring of rage from his light-hearted reference to the Holocaust during a Twitter exchange last week, Toure issued an “apology” of sorts Tuesday afternoon, explaining his crassness by claiming it was too “nuanced” for the 140-character medium.

You could say that. Dismissing the accomplishments of people who survived concentration camps to build new lives in a new country from scratch as “the power of whiteness,” is beyond insensitive.

And his critics were still seeing red. Toure was literally blaming the medium — not his message.

And really, it’s not like Twitter’s something that just started yesterday; Iranian students protesting a stolen election in 2009 managed to do an impressive amount of work in 140 characters without resorting to Jew hatred.

In short, Toure’s “apology” came less  “I’m sorry I offended” than “I’m sorry YOU’RE offended.” There’s not a man alive who hasn’t tried that approach to a significant other.

Damn few women buy it, for the same reason Toure’s critics weren’t buying it this time. He meant what he said, and no context is going to change that.

And that’s the part that makes the conclusion of Toure’s “apology” so damn hard to believe.

Maybe he won’t. Then again, maybe he will.

WARNING: Tough language ahead.

Thanks to the sometimes-scary archiving nature of Twitter, some other words are coming back to haunt him already. Like this gem from five years back — when Toure might not have grasped the “nuance” limitations of 140 characters.

And context is everything.

He’ll do it again. As sure as black ain’t white, he’ll do it again. And it’ll be your fault you’re offended.


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